They say the prettiest women in the world come from Bulgaria and the prettiest women in Bulgaria come from Varna. Evidence is here to see as chalga pop folk diva Gergana strutts here stuff in this shot.

Desi Slava

Desi Slave seems to have been around for a very long time but her looks and voice remain in top form. No doubt plastic surgery and cosmetic alteration has helped, but to be fair, she did reduce the size of her breasts due to back problems a number of years ago.

Emilia - 'Iskash Li'

Here's a treat with the formerly very shy Emilia performing one of her hits called 'Iskash Li' (Do you want me). Just look at the long legs of Emilia in this video, they go on forever.


Gergana was born on November 30th 1984 in the Bulgarian town of Dimitrovgrad. Her first own album came out in 2003 called “I’m Losing You Slowly” with 10 tracks. Her second album called “As No One Else” was dedicated to her mother who died in 2004. Gergana has a reputation for being busty, and who would argue with that reputation?.


Preslava Preslava (Преслава) was born on June 26th, 1984. She is one of the most successful singers on the pop folk scene. You see her everywhere in the media.

Some of her biggest hits are "I am no angel", "Devil desire", "Vodka with consolation", "Give yourself of the desire", "It’s a lie", "Your new girl" Preslava has won the prize for the most successful singer of the year by Planeta TV.  There is no lie in that I' am sure.

Amongst her beautiful assets it was her personality was boosted a few years ago when she appeared on VIP Brother.


One of the youngest pop folk divas of the Payner group joining them when she was on 17 years of age. Militsa as you can see is as sexy as they come. She lends herself well being photographed with a face that oozes beauty and a figure to match I might add.


Peneva Galina Ivanova better known as Gloria was born on the 28th June 1972 in the northern town of Ruse. Gloria is the daughter of the famours folk-pop singer Bulgaro probably the most famous of that generation. Know as the mother of pop-folk here second album has sold in excess of 600,000 copies; a record for album sales in Bulagria. She remains as sexy as every in a suggestive pose givne for her fans.
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Emanuela has to be one of the most beautiful pop folk chalga singers. It is not only me who says this ask any chalga fan and she will be in the top three each time. She was born on the 6th November in the capital Sofia. Looking at her amazing figure you wouldn't believe she has a child. As things stand the child has a good start in life with Emanuel's career in top flight right now. Personally I can't get enough of her beauty.

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Desi Slava

Plastic surgery is the in thing and extremely popular in the Bulgaria pop folk chalga artists It is rare indeed to find any that haven't been there. It is true to say that there is hardly a single singer who has not increased the size of her breasts, lips or other body parts to sensitive to mention. Desi Slava is no exception although in fact she is the first Bulgarian diva who has decided to remove her huge implants due to giving her back problems in 2007. She may have a problem with her back, but here front is in fine form!


Born on the 10th Match in the Northern Bulgarian town of Ruse, Nelina continues to bring pleasure to many with her pure beauty and fine chalga styled voice. Of course she is intelligent with many languages under her belt. Having won many accolades in singing competitions she still attends summer music festivals not only in Bulgaria but abroad. She figures strongly in chalga videos often seen and enjoyed on Bulgarian TV.

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Anelia was born on July 1st 1982 in Stara Zagora. Her first professional appearance was when she was still in school. Along with a good background in musical theory, Anelia is well equipped in folk dance and practices gymnastics, Intelligent, beautiful with a talent for music Anelia more than suitable to be called pop folk chalga diva.

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Liana is a fitness fanatic, 100% chalga and a great pop folk performer on and off stage. She gets about and hot blooded men like myself adore her that's for sure. She has recently received a gift (a phone) worth 17,000 Bulgarian leva (around $10,000 or £8,000) from an admirer and flown to America to attend concerts. Well, if I had that kind of money to spare the money I'd spend it on something other than women, but that's me. That aside, she's a stunner isn't she?

Esil Duran

Esil Duran was born in Haskovo on the 5th July therefore a Cancerian. Her name is essentially Turkish and translated means "white rose". In 2007 she participated in the TV show "Music Idol" 2 where she was part of the jury. She showed there that she is very knowledgeable and gained a great deal of respect for this. She is as sexy as they come and with the Payner Music Management she has gained wide success in the Bulgarian  Pop Folk and chalga genre.
Some of her greatest hits are:
I want again
Give me
If you go back
Sweet Lies
I'm crazy that I love you
The Flying Birds
Don't stop - beat me!
I love You
Tonight not sleep
Our Song
How I want
google yahoo, wikipedia

Elena Perisheva

Elena Perisheva is newest singer of Payner Music. She atarted her career with entering in a top-show "Vot Na doverie". This was impressed the Payner Music group who took her under their management and recorded her first song called "Can you". Since then she has recorded other popular songs such as "Touch me", "Get out your hand". Elena just doesn't stop work and has had recent hit song with DJ Jivko MIX called "Here and Now". She is the newest member of Payner and has a long career ahead of her. Looking at this women I can't wait to see (and hear) more of her. 


Reni was born in Pleven and grew up there as a girl and now in prime womanhood is popular singer of Payner Music management. She has a Serbian singing style and with this she has recorded many serbian songs. Her looks and body remain essentially beautiful and sensuous and with this the Bulgarian in her remains. She remains a firm favourite with me and in my opinion she will continue to please for a long time to come.


Maria is featured here again. She enjoyed immense popularity last year being a judge in 'Music Idol'. The trouble was she was always lost for words. I find this quite strange as she isn't blonde! - Or is she? Only those who really know her know! Intelligence isn't her strong point, but I do know that she has other attributes to more than make up for that.


Ivena has been described as a fiery singer of coming from the "Ara Music Management." She makes love horoscopes for her friends and colleagues many that have come true! She is quoted as saying "I am into such things as magic and cards, do not go to fortune-tellers," Well, many wish that their fortune was with Ivena, who can blame them?

Sofi Marinova

Sofi Marinova has featured here before and is a frequent guest on many Bulgarian television shows. She is of a Romani background and here chalga singing it typically Bulgaria pop folk style. Her albums are popular to Romani and Bulgarians alike.
Edinstven moi (1997)
Moiat sun (1998)
Studen Plamak (1999)
Nejna e noshta (2000)
Osudena liubov (2002)
5 oktavi liubov (2004)
Hitove (2005)
Obicham (2005)
Ostani (2006)

Gina Stoeva

bulgarian pop folk divas chalga gina stoeva

Gina Stoeva is one of the most flamboyant pop-folk chalga singers It was discovered that Gina does not listen to chalga in their free time, but this has never put her public off.

She is preparing her 4th album currently. She has a fine voice quality and freely boasts about her impressive chest. This of course, without embarrassment is not natural and done because her colleague Gloria had it done and was more than happy with the results before. I have to agree there is a large improvement in this area.


bulgarian pop folk divas Emilia

Emilia never fails to spark up life with her songs, videos and pictures. She in my opinion is probably the most beautiful of Pop folk chalga divas. It has to be said that although raunchy in many of her performances is quite a shy girl at heart.


Bulgarian pop folk divas chalga Galena

Galena one of the most popular pop folk divas comes up with an interesting and original fashion vision. Recently having made a photo session for the November issue of the magazine "Kosa i krasota" magazine about hair and beauty she came out with the most amazing designs.

The design is the hair designer Joro Petkov and the make-up by Slav. The photographs are by Kostadin Krastev.

This picture session was made after she gave birth to her son Stefan. I personally think this is over the top and prefer the classic sexy fashion style of Galena before avant-garde type fashion came in.


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