pop folk divas chalga kaliKali is beautiful, talented and is a sexy woman in the pop folk and chalga world, no doubt about that. She was found in 1990 by her brother when she was only 15 years old. At 18 years old she went ot Vienna to live and work. Back in Bulgaria again she signed a contract with the Bulgarian Music Company ARA which led leads to her first solo album. Today she has now recorded five albums and still going strong.

Photo source: www.celebrities.bgfashion.net
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 bulgarian pop folk divas dimana chalgaThe Bulgarian pop-folk singer Dimana has a new hairstyle. She says she feels more comfortable with this style of hair and it is unique to other pop folk divas styles right now so she stands out. She has a new pop folk video out now and looks very fashionable with her winter curls winter Her new song is now out with Zivko DJ mix. Keep it up Dimana, you get more beautiful each year that passes!

Anelia - Everything Leads To You

I’ve decided to treat you to a Bulgarian pop folk video today. Bulgarian’s ever popular pop-folk singer Anelia with her song called "Everything leads to you". I love the way she is portrayed here alongside other very beautiful Bulgarian dancers, very sexy indeed. I also like the song, which like so many other Bulgarian pop-folk song, is very catchy.

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bulgarian pop folk divas gina

Gina Stoeva was a summer born 6th September Diva from the northern Bulgarian town of Rouse. She has been on the Bulgarian pop-folk scene from many years with hits such as "Sweet hurt", "Send Clock" and "Mindless night" and "Caress me". Gina performs in numerous clubs in Sofia where she is known to take part in the most scandalous parties. She is a footballer’s wife and is often the special guest and singer for PFC Levski Sofia. Gina having been on the Pop Folk scene for quite a while has large repertoire amongst other things!
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bulgarian pop folk divas sonya

Her full name is Sonya Nemska and she is a relative newcomer on Bulgarian pop-folk scene. She has rocketed since joining the Payner Music management priot to that she was unknown. Sonya has one album recorded which is called "Talisman". Her debit sone was called "I want you baby" and is part of the album compilation. Other songs that have doen well in the charts are "Wednesday Night ", "Talisman", "This night" and "Make me want you". She has much more to offer I'm sure as she is 'fully loaded' with talent as you can see.

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bulgarian pop folk divas gergana

Gergana is one fo the sexiest fo Bulgarian Pop Folk Divas. Not always the most successful with her songs in recent, but with look like this who cares in the Pop Folk World. She was born on 30 November 1984 in the town of Dimitrovgrad. For the record, her full name is Gergana Georgieva Kacarska that's more than a mouth full which could be compared with a couple of other things that stick out.

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pop folk divas kali
Here the run down on the raunchy Kali, who incidentally was nicknamed Kali by a high profile musician and Bulgarian TV presenter Slavi Trofonov.

  • Date of birth: October 2 1975 In Sofia
  • Eyes: brown
  • Hair: black
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Lucky number: 7
  • Personality: cheerful and open
  • Loves: Her son Zhorko
  • Says: Always what you think
  • Never: Not to replace the occupation with another
  • Always: Would help the person in real trouble
  • Is ready: To love anyone who deserves it
  • Hidden talents: it could be an artist or designer
  • Hobbies: riding, fitness
  • Qualificiations: A technologist in ferrous metals anbd a diploma of professor of jazz
  • Plays: guitar and baglama
  • Believe: In love and the good in people
  • Dream: To get on the same stage with all the stars Bulgarian and to perform a spectacular concert with a big orchestra


bulgarian pop folk divas alisia
A hot Bulgarian Pop Folk Diva if ever I saw one. I just love the swimming costume. Here are a few facts on Alisia:

  • Born: Ihtiman, Bulgaria
  • Birthday 1st March
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Favourite colour: Red
  • Favourite flower: Red rose
  • Favourite designer: Roberto Cavalli
  • Favourite music: she likes all genres
  • Favourite vocalists: Ceca Velickovic, Indira, Beyonce,
  • Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie
  • Favourite style: Sporting and elegant
  • Favourite sports: Tennis and swimming
  • Favourite fragrances: Gio and Bvlgari
  • Favourite animal: Panther


Anelia is one of my favourite Pop Folk Divas. She has been around for a number of years now and at this point has sold over 230,000 copies of her albums in Bulgaria alone. Fifteen of her singles have reachednumber one in the Bulgarian music chart. This makes her one of the most successful female pop folk artists in the Bulgaria. She never fails to turn the eyes of most men as she does here in this B/W shot.

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pop folk divas preslava

Preslava was born in the town of Dobric on 26 June 1984.
She is a well known and hugely popular singer in the typical style of Pop-folk Bulgaria.

She began her career in 2004 with her first hit called "Only tonight (Samo tazi nosht bezumna). Other songs that followed are 'Entregate of desire "(Preday se na jelanieto), Vodka With Consolation (Vodka s UTEHA), Beware of Friends (Pazi priatelki is ot), Has no Heart (Niamash sertsa), For Better Girls (Ot dobrite momicheta) and many more. She remain one of the most desirable of pop folk stars right now.

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bulgarian pop folk divas andrea

Andrea is making inroads Internationally as a Bulgarian Pop Folk Diva spreading the word and music. She is certainly a 'hot' woman from where I'm standing. Here are some of the accolades to date:

- 2008 the best Balkan Artist debut

- 2009 the best Balkan Female singer at “Planeta Awards”

- 2009 the Best Duet from Balkans with Costi Ionita

- 2009 Pop Folk Magazine Awards Best female singer from Bulgaria , Serbia and Macedonia

More to come I have no doubt form this dream of a woman with a voice to match.

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Raina (and Konstantin)

Raina is currently in high media profile in the Bulgarian VIP Dancing TV show and doing quite well. The former model certainly has artistic talent and this show through in her dancing as well. This video clip of a hit that was made with her Pop Folk boyfriend Konstantin ( A TV VIP brother winner a few years ago) goes back to 2006. I can’t keep my eyes of Raina throughout the video though as she steals the show with her beauty.

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bulgarian pop folk divas Gloria

Gloria is the artistic pseudonym of Galina Ivanova Peneva Born in Rousse on 28/06/1973. She was emotional and very naughty child is always preferred to embark in games with boys than with girls. In second grade, little Gloria almost lost her leg and the doctors in Ruse made an emergency operation, but it proved unsuccessful. the forecast from experts was that the girl would be wheelchairbound at the age of only 18. Gloria's mother did not accept this and she initiated a more surgery by a professor who made a second operation this time in Sofia. He lifted the Gloria's legs and today she is extremely grateful to that professor. Looking at Gloria's legs now you would never know this happened!

Image Source: www.pop-folk.mp3-bg

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Magda has been big in the Pop Folk Music for over 5 years now. Her debut song was "Tomorrow is too late", made in conjunction with Planeta TV. She changed has a change of style in every song she records making unique something that stand sout in her career to date, She is of course as beautful as women come and I for one an a big fan of hers.
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Date of birth: October 2 1975g - Sofia

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Height: 173 centimeters

Lucky number: 7

Personality: cheerful and open

Maintains shape: a gym and dance

Loves: Her son Zhorko

Says: always what you think

Never: not to replace the occupation with another

Always: would help the person in real trouble

Is ready: to love anyone who deserves it

Regardless: from its current state, is always ready to sing

Hidden talents: it could be an artist or designer

Hobbies: riding, fitness

Qualified to work as technologist-ferrous metals She has a diploma of professor of jazz

Playing: guitar and baglama

Believe: in love and the good in people

Dream: to get on the same stage with all the stars

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These give you an idea of Preslava's creditials. She is a super star of Bulgarian Pop Folk Divas

2004 - "Gloria"
2005 - "Devil's desire"
2006 - "Intrigue"

2004 - Macedonia Folk Fest "Valandovo" - a special prize for foreign participation
2004 - Macedonia, Ohrid Troubadour "- Award for debut
2005 - Annual Awards of the "New Folk" - Discovery and debut of the year
2005 - Annual Awards TV Planet - Best Debut
2006 - Annual Awards of TV's "Planet" - Hit of the Year for the song "Devil's desire" and the prize for the fastest prosperous contractor
2006 - Annual Awards of the "New Folk" - Hit and Album of the Year - "Devil's desire"
2007 - Annual Awards of TV's "Planet" - Singer-2006, Song 2006 - "And when the morning," Best of the magazine "New Folk" a duet with Boris Dali - "First in my heart."
2007 - Annual Awards of the "New Folk" - Singer of the Year, Song of the Year "When doubts", Album of the Year "Intrigue" Best studio performances, duet song - "First in the heart" with Boris Dali.

Participant in the national tour of "Planeta Prima 2005"

Concerts abroad:
Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany

Devil's desire "," Final Words "," Forever yours "," This crazy night, "I love you", "No Heart", "Bitter Memories", "hate me" "I have no right," lied and you "," Dear God, "" insensitive, "" When doubts ".

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bulgarian pop folk divas galena

Galena recently has made repeated tours in Bulgarian in Spain and Belgium She now has invitations to participate in Turkey, Macedonia and Albania. She also intends to perfom with other well know male Pop folk artists such as Amet, Milko, Kalajdzhiev and Boris Dali. Galena is a real stunningly beautiful and talented woman and has many fans not just in Bulgaria.


bulgarian pop folk divas andrea

Andrea is the youngest and most sexy part of Payner Music stars and has recently been in Hollywood and is liked over there. Is there a future in Hollywood for her? We in Bulagria hope not, we like here here too much.


bulgarian pop folk divas Ivena
Ivena was born in 26th April from the town of Rouse. She is with the Ara Music group from the start and continues with them. Her most well known songs are: "Like a fast car", "My Heart", "Open my heart", "Never second" and "Tell me". She has been pretty quiet recently lets hope she picks herself up soon and show of her lovely voice, one of the best in Bulgaria, soon.

Image: ivena1.jpg


bulgarian pop folk divas Rumina
Rumina was born in 12th April 1985. She is a Blonde bombshell with a voice to match and has been with Ara Music for some years They have produces some great hits in recent years such as "Can you", "Touch me" and "Get out your hand". There is much more to come from this Bulgarian Pop Folk Diva who has lots more to offer.

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bulgarian pop folk divas Gergana

Gergana won the "Become a star" competition that was organised by the partnership of the Music Producer group Payner Music and TV Planeta. She went on to be managed by Payner in 2003 and has been entirely successful with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She has had many hits to date and still hit the mark with Bulgarian Pop Folk Diva fans.


bulgarian pop folk divas kally

Kali and her oriental style remain highly popular under the management of Ara Music productions. She really is a stunning beautiful woman with many attributes that make her so successful in the Bulgarian pop folk diva genre.

Image: ara-music


bulgarian pop folk divas alisia
Alisia started her career with a silly song, but it became super hit. The song called "Burning, Burning" and came with a stupid dance alongside it. She got away with it though and is now firmly established in more conventional songs remaining as attractive as ever in the bulagrian pop folk world.


bulgarian pop fokk divas ivena
Ivena the sexy blue eyed rehead turns many a red-blooded man wild with desire with her beauty and musical talent. Ivena naturally love music but also she has a passion for movies and fashion clothing. But then don't most women has the same desire?


bulgarian pop folk divas Emanuela

A new style and a blonde fashion and the sexy Emanuela has a new image to show off to her fans. Her lovely voice stays constant though even though all around here cosmetic changes. Who know what's next up her sleeve, even though she hasn't got any sleeves?


bulgarian pop folk divas Esil

Esil Duran was born in Turkey but has settled in very well into the Bulgarian pop folk diva scene. As you can clearly see, she is really attractive with and has a great repertoire of good dances and dynamic songs. Thank you Turkey for giving us one of your subject.

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bulgarian pop folk divas ivena

The Ara Music producers took up Ivena and they could see that she had a brilliant future ahead of her. Personally I think she is one of the best singers in Bulgaria, The music she chooses to perform and record is perfect for her image, namely cool and collective. There are more flamboyant pop folk divas around but Ivena for the moment is not one of those. Who knows whether her image will change in the future?

Image: 50webs.com
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bulgarian pop folk divas BilianaThe oriental styled Biliana started here career with Payner Music producers in 2005. After only four years she is an established and exciting pop folk diva doing the tours and recording for a public that love her. There are many more years to come from this sexy Bulgarian talent.


bulgarian pop folk divas nelina

Nelina who comes the northern Bulgarian town of Rouse, started her scene career with singing in pubs. It wasn’t long before the Payner Music Producers discovered her and from 1993 she had now made 3 albums. She is still going strong and could have easily have created a career as a model, but her singing talents curtailed that career.


bulgarian pop folk divas alisia
Alisia is another red hot pop folk diva from the music producing company Ara. She had ballet lessons to improve her dancing skills. She now used this very well as a crowd pleaser in here concerts and performances.

Image: ara-music


bulgarian pop folk divas gloria

Gloria is back and here we show her in one of her lovely poses. She has had many hits too many to mention. Born in 1973 she is now 36 still stunningly gorgeous as ever and still works as hard as ever. You can expect even more hits to come as she move further forward in popularity. The Payner music production group are lucky to have her.
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bulgarian pop folk divas sonyaSonya Nemska was relatively unknown in the pop folk world. Then the Payner Music management discovered her. She has now recorded one album called Talisman and although one of the newest divas on the block is now a household name in Bulgaria. As you can see she has a great pair of lungs to help her popularity.

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bulgarian pop folk divas Anelia
Ever since Anelia’s first hits "Look in my eyes" and "You don't have only me” at the age of only 19 years old she took the her rightful place as a very popular Bulgarian pop folk diva and has many fans. She was born in Stara Zagora right in the heart of Bulgaria.

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