bulgarian pop folk divas anelia

Anelia will be performing her second concert of the year tomorrow 1st July under the series of "MAD Secret Concerts by Coca-Cola".

Anelia’s hits include "Look in my eyes," “Everything leads to you”, “Just have me,” "Forever" and others. It will be performed live and broadcasted on TV MAD TV Music and NOVA TV. Something special to look forward to from the popular pop folk diva Anelia.

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Ivena celebrated the recording of her second solo album "Women's numbers" with a promotional concert. It was held in the metropolitan folk club and gathered over 200 mainly VIP and pop folk related guests to hear her songs hits from the album.

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bulgarian pop folk divas faniFani is a Sagittarius and a great talent with ambition and has and temperament characteristics of the fire sign. She graduated from the music school in Kotel.

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bulgarian pop folk divas gloria

Gloria will celebrate her birthday tomorrow (June 28), but unlike last year Gloria has chosen to celebrate this year without noise and vanity and no just a few visitor and no publicity. Her first birthdya gift has already been given from a fan. It was a portrait in oil.

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bg pop folk divas teodora

There is a big rumour spreading around that Bulgarian singer Toni Storaro and Teodora have had a secret relationship after several months. Passion broke out in full force after working together in the town of Vratsa. It was reported that they ended up in bed together that particular night.

Bulgarian Pop Folk Video Portfolio

Here is a bit of a treat today as we have a video clip of Bulgarian Pop Folk Divas in their element. It seems like party time all the time for these beautiful women. Let's not forget that they are all professionally trained singers in the first instance, we tend to forget that fact when we see them presenting their beauty in pictures.

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Ivena recently spent three days in Paris. Special attention was paid to the world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret, where Ivena presented an unforgettable performance of her own. Hits from the Ivena were also nominated for the TV Fan Awards in four individual categories:

Best Album of 2008
Most progressive implementation
Best Video of 2008
Best Hit of 2008

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Emilia became mother recently. She had a son who was named Ivan (Yes anothe ron in Bulgaria!) Mother and son are fine and healthy is is reperted by the father Coco Dinev.

Emilia hid her pregnacy very well as the father of her child is the father of two other children from two other Bulgarian pop folk divas, namely Aneliya and Nelly. Mmmm! Could any sane man resist Bulgarian Pop Folk Divas? Coco couldn't!


bulgarian pop folk divas anna

Anna was born in Sofia on the 26th May. She is currently under contract with The Ara Music group Some of her first hit songs came out in 2003 such as 'One love is going' and 'Only You'. She has written and recorded 2 albums and changed her image from being cute and shy to hot and sexy. To date her biggest hits are 'Night Emotions', 'Show Me You Are Best' and "You Will Be Mine".

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Bulgarian pop folk divas mira

Mira started singing as part of a duet with Milko Kalaidjiev and recorded popular songs such as 'Wise Guys' and 'Vill's Wise' with two albums to their credit. After 3 years Mira went solo with hits such as '20th century', 'Hey, Girl', 'Crying Eyes' and 'Chae Shukarie'. She is currently under the management of the Payner Music Group.

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Bulgarian pop folk divasReni

Reni was born on 29th of May in Pleven and is currently under the Payner Music management. She has been involved in much Serbian music and recorded a lot of Serbian songs. Reni has created 7 albums over the years:
  • What is love?
  • I fell in love dangerously
  • I want you
  • Want me
  • Reni 2001
  • Like a bird
  • The best of

Some of her most popular hits are:
  • Parrot
  • I fell in love dangerously
  • I want you
  • Want me
  • Let's start from the beginning
  • If you want
  • Your first sin
  • No more
  • Crazy for love
  • It's time
  • I've been crying


Luna one of the most successful and loved singer of the new Bulgarian music and is compared to Tina Turner. Her career is filled with many concerts, recognition and awards.
1996 - "Fruit from Heaven"
1997 - "foreigner"
1998 - "dress short, narrow"
1998 - "Here and there, here and there"
1999 - "I want it, squeeze it
2001 - "Beach oil"
2002 - Ciki-Ciki "
2006 - "Forever for you"
1999 - Awards of the magazine "New Folk" - the hit of the year here and there, here and there "
1999 - Awards of the magazine "New Folk" for the original stage presence
1999 - Awards Radio "Mila" - the hit of the year "Run, feet and the prize for best original stage presence
2000 - First National Awards popfolk Festival "Golden Mustang 2000 - Second Prize of the Jury for the year popfolk hit" Run, feet "
2001 - Second Prize of National popfolk Festival "Golden Mustang 2001 - the audience award for popfolk hit -" Run, feet "

Concerts abroad:
USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel, England, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia

Mega events:
In 1996 Luna involved in mega-concert of the BNT in the International Fair in Plovdiv
In 1997 Cynthia became the first Miss Folk chance in Petritch under the auspices of the BNT
In 1997 Luna involved in mega-concert of the Sofia stadium "Lokomotiv" before 10 thousand people with the star of the Latin series Korayma Torres
In 1998 the first annual awards of "New Folk" in the Hristo Botev Hall in Sofia Studentski Grad Moon comes on stage with Opel Tigre.
In 1999 Luna involved in mega-awards show for the "Honey Radio" with the Serbian legend Vesna Zmiyanats
In 2000 Luna realizes joint tour in Turkey Mustafa Chaushev. Their final concert is visited by nearly 50 thousand people.

"Here and there"
"Run, feet"
"I am not a woman for a man"
"No can not live"
"Love at first sight"
"Opel tiger"
"Fruit from Heaven"
"Do not you wish"
"I am not your slave"
"Hat of the club"
"Give me that boy"
"Three kisses"
" Come to see you, good to you"

Image Source:


Daniela’s full name is Daniela Ydkova and was born on the 5th April 1983 in the town of Razlog. Daniela is still preparing her debut album “Female-Dream”. The hits she have made so far are: “Fear me alone”, “Other I”, “It is my land” and many others that have been successful in the charts.
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Alicia was born on Baba Marta Day - March 1 form the town Ihtiman. Her eyes are brown and 162 centimeters high. Her favorite colour is red and loves red roses. She like all kinds of music.
Alicia recently has now formed a relationship with Valeri Bojinov a football player. Lucky man!

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Liana has had a lifetime passion for sport both professionally and for pleasure. She has now decided to issue the first in Bulgaria DVD exercise and fitness program. Something we all in Bulgaria are looking forward to seeing – Liana in action!


Extra Nina was born on December 5 in Vratsa. She has a crystal clear suprano voice, a soprano. She erforms folk songs from all folk regions, but specialises in the Rhodope folk songs. Her repertoire includes popfolk, melodic rock, popbaladi, ethno, folk songs and Serbian songs.

1996 - My Life
1998 - Eternal fraud
1999 - The Best Ballads
1999 - Extra Female
2000 - White Kalina
2000 - Down with the masks
2001 - Ninth element
2003 - Let me
2004 - From here begins Love
2005 - The Best - lover
2007 - Macedonian Wedding

2001/2002 - Annual Awards of the magazine "New Folk" - between the original and new folk

2003 - Pirin Folk - MSAT Award for the song "Three times come"

2006 - filagree Skopje, Macedonia - won the Grand Prix Festival

Concerts abroad:
USA, Canada, Israel, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine

Satellite TV,
My Life,
Fortress of Love,
Eternal fraud,
Refused to accept,
You are born for me, a fire in the fireplace,


The romantic Text was drawn up from Liliana Dimova and music arrangement from Hristo Angelov. Bilyana was given and self-knowledge of English and German from a private teacher. Bilyana currently working on a couple of new songs withing the Payner group management. There is a third new song called "Last Love" and was frist presented to the audience of the promotion with famed Bulgarian male singer Boris Dali.
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Yanica is part of the Payner Music group and Bulgarian Chalga scene. She was born in Rousse the city by the river Danube on the Romaian border. Her style and her songs are unique with sportung and aggressive and dancing quality. The latest song is recorded together with some Romanian DJs. It quickly got highest possition on the charts and the sellings of the CDs sold very well.

Image source:
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Dimana started her career with the debut song called, "Running to you. This gave her a flying start under the Payner Music Group managament. She has now written and recorded her first album called, "1000 degrees of love".

Other songs of Dimana are:
I'll take the risk,
Tell, you love me.

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Malina is under the management of the Payner Music groups and has been for many years from years ago. She writes many of her own songs.

Her debut was with a song called "Crazy light". She currently has recorded two albums. Malina was born in 7th of June in town of Lovech and has one child.

Malina loves football and has officially qualified as a Football Manager.

Her last songs with Azis became hits of Bulgaria, and the duet is playing from near an year.

Other popular hits of Malina are:
Black Eyes,
You don't know,
Love arrow,
What you did with me,
I'm going.

One of her most recent hits was a duet with the popular Azis.

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Monica, was born on 17th March, 1988. The young singer made a good start to her career. Monica hasn't recorded a full album yet, but some of her most well-known songs are "If there is God" and "To love you".

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Name: Maria Kirova Panayotova

Date and place of birth: January 13th in Stara Zagora

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 160 cm

First hit: Reminiscence

First Moon

First passion: music and ballet

Favorite sport: Football

Hobbies: listening to music

Childhood dream: To be a singer

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Stage Name: Gergana

Real Name: Gergana G. Katsarski

Date of birth: 30. 11

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Eyes: fleck

Hair: blond

Height: 164 cm

First hit: «Losing it slowly»

Albums: «Losing it slow» «Like no other»

First passion: music

Motto: Love to love you!

Childhood dream: to become a singer

Gergana has a warm and sensual voice, her stage performance is full of action and energy, but also romance and dramatic.

2003 - "Losing it slowly"
2004 - "Like no other"
2005 - "Blue Eyes"
2007 - "Sweet side of things"

2003 - Annual Awards TV Planet - Best Debut
2003 - Annual Awards TV Planet - The Best video "Losing it slowly"
2004 - Annual Awards TV Planet - Special Prize of the "M-Tel"
2006 - Annual Awards TV Planet - Special Prize of the "Nestle"
2007 - Annual Awards TV Planet - Best of "Nestle"

Participated in three editions of the tour "Planeta Prima - 2004, 2005 and 2006

Concerts abroad:
Britain, Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Netherlands

"Losing it slowly, as before, not to please, as you fail, like any other"
"It hurts"
"Last night"
"No you can not"


I personally think that Emanuela is one of the most beautiful singers of pop folk singers. I am glued to the TV set whenever she is on. The company Ara Music produces her music. She does lots of work with other Bulgarian pop folk singing divas. She is still very young and her voice that is good already will improve as she matures. Her style of singing isn’t pure pop folk but travels a little toward the pop music genre.

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Ivena is one of the stars of Ara Music management and has much good pop folk music recorded. She is a beautiful redheaded blue eyed girl was born on 26th April in the northern Bulgarian town of Rouse. She naturally has a love for music but also movies and clothes. The singer Ivena has recorded one album a resounding success. Some of the most popular songs that pop folk fans know of her are called:

  • Like a fast car,
  • Even better,
  • The room,
  • That is not the love,
  • I will not let.

We'll be hearing more from Ivena I'm sure.
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Date of birth: October 2nd 1975 - Sofia

Eyes: Brown

Hair: black

Height: 173 centimeters

Lucky number: 7

Character: cheerful and open

Maintains shape: a gym and dance

Loves: her son Zhorko

Hidden talent: could be an artist or designer

Hobbies: riding, fitness

Qualifications: working as a technology of non-ferrous metals

Holds: diploma of professor of jazz

Plays: guitar and baglama

Beliefs: in love and good people

Dreams: to get a scene with all the stars of the Bulgarian music to move with great big band concert

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Djena was born on July 3 in the town of Razgrad. Her father and mother are also musicians and singers. Her first passion is the piano and 2004 he graduated Desi music school in Kotel.

Djena is multi-talented and also writes and composes folk songs. Her "Song for voivode Dame" was performed in the Pirin Folk Festival in 2007 and won first prize for the performer.

As a student of ninth class music school she sung with two of her teachers in Scotland and England. Djena's hobby is to travel and to listen to music. Her favorite sport is swimming.

Desi can sung all types of music from Strandzha songs from Thracian, pop music, stage, Serbian, Greek and so on.
Djena has a dream to see and to explore the world.
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Born on March 10th in the town of Rousse in the north of Bulgaria, Nelina is great learner and absorb most subjects very easily. She takes part in many summer events and music programs, but her biggest hobby is painting. More to Nelina than meets the eye.


Ivana was born on January 31st 1969 in Aytos near Bourgas, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Svishtov University of Economics, then studied at the Bourgas Free University for one term. Ivana is now married and has a daughter called Teodor.


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