bulgarian pop folk divas gloria
Gloria is back and here we show her in one of her lovely poses. She has had many hits too many to mention. Born in 1973 she is now 36 still stunningly gorgeous as ever and still works as hard as ever. You can expect even more hits to come as she move further forward in popularity. The Payner music production group are lucky to have her.
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bulgarian pop folk divas sonyaSonya Nemska was relatively unknown in the pop folk world. Then the Payner Music management discovered her. She has now recorded one album called Talisman and although one of the newest divas on the block is now a household name in Bulgaria. As you can see she has a great pair of lungs to help her popularity.

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bulgarian pop folk divas Anelia
Ever since Anelia’s first hits "Look in my eyes" and "You don't have only me” at the age of only 19 years old she took the her rightful place as a very popular Bulgarian pop folk diva and has many fans. She was born in Stara Zagora right in the heart of Bulgaria.

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bulgarian pop folk divas MonicaMonica won a lot of awards in her folk career prior to becoming a hot pop folk diva. This upbringing has served her well in the musical field. Now she is beginning to pick up pop folk music awards. Her beauty and musical ability combined is being recognised by many now who turn into admirers - I'm one of them.
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Rumina - Kasno se seti

Romina sings a hit by the Black sea called "Remember Later" ("Kasno se Steti" or "късно се сети"). Typical Pop Folk rhythm and form and the beautiful Romina in here lement showing of what she can show off best - Her singing included of course. The summer is here and so is Romina.

Desi Slava

bulgarian pop folk divas Desi Slava
Did you know that Desi Slava helped raise her two stepsisters called Ina and Nia. She had a deprived childhood and freely admits she was naughty and wild. She practised karate and had a dreamed when she was young of becoming a policewoman


bulgarian pop folk divas Djina
Djina Stoeva is part of the Ara Music group one of the most popular singers coming from there. She had a lot of songs in her career with 3 albums to her name, namely - "So Wanted", "My Love" and the most recent "Temptation."

Reni - 'Nostalgia' Live Performance

Reni is well known and loved pop folk divas in Bulgaria, but is also very well known in Serbia. This is a live performance made of her jubilee concert in Sofia when she celebrated 20 Years On The Stage. ‘Nostalgia’ is one of her greatest hits.

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Sofi Marinova featuring Ustata

This was one of the top hits a few years ago for gypsy pop folk diva Sofi Marinova with a rap artist who I don’t rate very much. This put her on the top of the podium of pop folk divas for a while. It was used in a spirit drink advert (mastika) at the time and pushed its popularity even higher. Even now three years on it is still played regularly on radio and television and on CD and tap in many homes. Sofi recently appeared in the TV reality show “VIP Brother”, which also gave the hit a new lease of life this year.

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Yanica recorded her first single for the Payner Music groups a few years a go now. It was called "Unconditional Love", it became and instant hit with fans and her fame began straight away. She has recorded other songs however they are not well known as her first. However Yanica has a trump card up her sleeveless dress with her photo sessions and it isn’t only the music that gives her fame and popularity. I have to agree.
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bulgarian pop folk divas Boni
Boni is a popular Bulgarian pop folk diva singer of gipsy origin. I think you’ll agree the beauty of this Roma wild and romantic woman stands out very well. Her music reflect a slight gypsy style naturally where music is very much part of gypsy culture.


bulgarian pop folk divas andreaAndrea is part of the Payner Music Groups and the youngest and argueably the most sexy of the Bulgarina Pop Folk Divas in line there. She started out as a photo model having won lots of awards and now following into the pop folk singing scene is also beconing very successful and for good reason. Her real name of Teodora Andreeva, but there was already a Teodora Pop Folk Diva about so the name changed. Being young, sexy, blonde and a great singing voice are most important parts of pop folk music. Andreahe has all these attributes. Her debut song was called "Like Unknown" followed by "Ghici Ghici", a Serbian remix. More to come from Andrea.


bulgarian pop folk divas Pepa
Pepa was born in 1975 on the 18th august in the town Blagoevgrad. She is called the Singer of Seamen because of her first song named "Blue Bikini". This quickly became the hit of disco clubs and pubs. Pepa has just one album, but her songs are not that well-known. However there are some more recent songs out such as "Where are you man" and this is a much improved since the album flop.

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pop folk divas Biliana
Biliana started in 2005 with her first song called "Can't run away". This became and instant hit for her with coverage from Planeta TV. Biliana was born on Christmas Eve the town of Harmanli. She studied in Varna for just one year before becoming as Pop Folk Diva with an oriental style. She is also a dynamic dancer.
Other hit songs are:
  • "Don't look for me"
  • "Lips of pearls"
  • "Takes more than you give"
  • "Embers and ice".
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bulgarian pop folk divas violataVioleta was born in 15th july 1980, in Pleven. She is really nice blonde girls with good voice. Her best songs are: "Now or never", "Game of pssions" and "Deception". Blonde and nice singer like Violeta can not be easily forgotten and she is staying in fan's hearts with her hits. Her debut was very strong with song "Now or never", which has interesting and good video. Singer is hot and her voice is special, which is making her songs unique.

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Kamelia - Pop Folk Hit 'You Are In My Heart'

Going back a couple of years (2007), Kamelia made a hit song called 'You Are In My Heart' ('V sarceto si mi ti') A very typical Pop Folk song very simple in form and instrumentation with the essential Pop Folk beat throughout. What makes this genre so specials is the beauty that goes with it Kamilia certainly doesn’t disappoint here – And what a lucky guy!

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Bulgarian pop folk divas Mira
It's been a while since Mira's last hit, but at last she has just released a new album called "На парата си господар" (translated meaning "His master of the steam"). I'm sure it will do well in the Balkan charts and we will see lots of Mira on Pop Folk TV promoting the new album - alongside a video shots with no doubt with lots of hot steam involved.

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bulgarian pop folk divas sonya
Sonya Nemska is one of the newest faces on Bulgarian Pop Folk Music scene. Her career took a very slow start then she signed up with the Payner Music Management group and her career began to rocket. Most of her songs are typical Pop Folk style and Sonya now has an album out called "Talisman", which includes her debut song "I want you baby". With that debut song, she became a success overnight and still remains one of her most successful songs to date.


bulgarian pop folk divas galena
Galena has become a bit of a naughty girl in the Bulgarian Pop Folk Diva scene. She come from a small village near Varna, and was lucky enough to be born into a music producer's family in Bulgaria. Galena started her career later than most Pop Folk Divas, but has made up for that with some great songs, good albums and now got a great fan base. She has a nice voice range for ballads, but many of her songs are quite playful and party style. She is part of the Payner management who changed her image to a more ‘living on the edge’ type of singer and with it became naughty and daring. This has been a great move with the popularity she now has. She recently had a child but is back on the road again.
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Pop Folk Music Video Mix

Here is a Pop Folk Video made up from many of your favourite Pop Folk Divas, including, Preslava, Gloria, Ivana, Kamelia, Gergana, Anelia, Maria. This is quite an array of some of the best and most popular Pop Folk Divas currently in Bulgaria. Enjoy the music, the beauty and the distinctly Bulgarian atmosphere.

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bulgarian p;op folk divas raina
Raina started her career as a model with many awards, but decided enter the pop folk diva music scene with Payner Music. She recorded some excellent songs such as "Who", "Orange fresh" and "You are lying me best". Raina now has has 5 albums recorded.

Some of her most famous hits are "You lost everything", "That's my specialty", "On every time", "You are good", "Thousands women" and "I'm asking".

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bulgarian pop folk divas Magda
Her debut song was called "Tomorrow is too late", under contract from Payner music and Planeta TV. She is a versitle singer changing her style song singing in each consective hit. She has now written two albums the secodn called "Save me, love".

Other well known and succesful songs are: "Love on the edge", "I told you", "I have no soul".

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bulgarian pop folk divas
Veronika was born in 1976 in village of Pavlikeni near Veliko Tarnovo. Although a Bulgarian pop folk diva, her favourite music is heavy metal. Her first song “Princess of the wind” was very successful and her first album came out later also called “Princess of the wind”. Veronika had a second album “I want you forever” which had even more success. Every song recorded was a hit for Veronika including “Listen to me, love”, “I want you forever”, “Second retake”, “Glass world”, “One love”, “I am white”, “Wrong dream”. Her success continues alongside her beauty.

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bulgarian pop folk divas TzvetiTzveti or Tzvetelina is a Leo star sign having her birthday on 31st July 1976 in the southern Bulgarian town of Petrich. She soon moved with her family to Varna on the Black Sea coast and that’s where she spent most of her childhood. Coming from a large family she was the fourth with one of her sisters Nina also a Pop Folk Diva called Extra Nina.

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bulgarian pop folk divas AlisiaAlisia found her true love in 1996 namely, footballer Valery Bogginov who now plays for Manchester City. They became one of the most popular couples in Bulgaria at that point. Subsequently they had their first child at the end of 2007 and are still very happy together as a celebrity team.

Image source: www.ara-music


bulgarian pop folk divas Anelia
Anelia was born in 1982 in city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. She is a favourite of many intellectual and artistic people in Bulgaria including the president Georgi Parvanov.

From her first four albums she has sold nearly ¼ millions copies, quite a feat and proof of how popular she is.

In 2003 she was awarded the best debut at “Trakia Folk 2003”Then the following year 2004 she was awarded the best album and most beautiful Bulgarian woman!

Another massive hit in 2007 and labelled the best duet called “Forever” with Bulgarian Pop Star Miro.

On top of these Anelia has been nominated five times for “Best Female Act”.

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bulgarian pop folk divas tanya
Tanya was born on November 3rd 1973 in the town of Topolovgrad, Bulgaria. Althogh not a pop folk singer she is just as attractvie. She started out with a band called 'Alchemis' and with that band she won her first award a Golden Batch at the pop festival in the town of Haskovo. Before that she studied at a Technical School of Chemistry, then sang with band Orion for a while after her graduation.


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gabriela bulgarian pop folk divas
Gabriela is a recent addition to the pop folk diva band. Her her breasts are insured for around 50,000 Euros it was reported last year. Probably more this year due to inflation! Gabriela when asked about then was quoted as saying. "I like them! As far as I know I am a singer with most silicone in this place. Mmmm! She had a song out recently called, "Swallow".


bulgarian pop folk divas pepaPepa was born in Blagoevgrad on 18th August 1975 and has become one of the most successful singers in the Bulgarian pop folk genre. She is currently under the banner of the Ara Music management. She became famous with just one song, but after that she joined forces with a Romanian Star called Costi and suffered terribly from the partnership to the point of losing all her previous accolades. Hopefully she can return as a solo artist in the near future.

Image Source:

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bulgarian pop folk divas kaliKali's style is unique in Bulgaria pop folk circles. It is a trademark of hers to dress in Indian outfits with all the trimmingbased upon for the eastern culture making for a very oriental fashion. Kali is quite a scandalous woman along with her beauty and voice making her one of the most popular pop folk divas in Bulgaria.

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Desi Slava - The Best Pop Folk Diva?

Many if not most Pop Folk Diva fans consider Desislava as the most talented of singers in this genre. I must admit that I have heard her singing in many formats including folk, jazz and pop as well as pop folk. She is a tremendous musician with a voice to match and has all the other attributes to go along with being a pop foll diva of the highest quality. Listen and watch her version of “Smooth Operator” originally by English pop star Sade, (from Clacton-On Sea Essex by the way.)

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